Summer Wrap Up

This was a very unique summer for our team and many others we’re sure. Due to the challenges around travel and safety we chose to stay local this summer. When we are not in Florida our horses are divided between Greenwich, CT and nearby North Salem, NY (more on that later). Though a typical season might see the squad traveling from the US to Canada and across the pond to Europe, this year we stayed in New York State. We decided that the HITS Saugerties shows provided high level jumping with an easy commute and set out for a summer schedule based around those shows.

ESI Photography

These shows would be the first for Rodrigo and Artemis Farm’s horses Calle 67, Killer Queen and La Caramba. As well as a return to showing for Carlito’s Way, Samurai 501, Venice Beach, My Jewel’s Magic Touch and Ze Carioca. Unfortunately, during the second week of showing Rodrigo had a freak accident on the ground with one of the horses and was taken out of commission for six weeks! 2020 marches on!

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Fortunately, Coco Fath was still able to have a very nice season in Saugerties with her great group of up and coming horses. She and Gaucho logged a win in a very competitive classic as did Harley D a week later. We were sad to see Coco go off to school in August but will continue to campaign the horses this fall to be ready for next season.

ESI Photography
ESI Photography

We wrapped up the summer with a nice week in Saugerties for the AIG $500,000 Grand Prix. Both Calle and Carlito’s Way jumped very well and helped get Rodrigo back in the ring after a trying shoulder injury. This past week we enjoyed a beautiful week at Old Salem Farm right next to our new farm. All horses jumped very well and the week culminated with Carlito’s Way placing third in the $75,000 Grand Prix.

Killer Queen by SEL Photography

Thiago Rhavy and his mare Baloubina joined us on the road in Saugerties. Thiago and Baloubina had many consistent rounds resulting in several top placings during the HITS Summer Series. Thiago is an invaluable member of our team. Helping out whenever and wherever he can. We are happy to have him as a member of the Amethyst squad!

Venice Beach!
Magic being extra

We will spend the next two weeks at Old Salem with the young and developing horses along with our new student Rachel Penner and her group. In October we are planning three weeks in Tryon, NC. As always we are so thankful for the incredible group of staff, owners and clients we are surrounded by!

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