Riding in an air vest

Tryon 2020

In August, Rodrigo started riding in a safety vest at the horse shows. He is a partner rider with Hermès and they have recently developed their own air jacket. The technology for the vest is designed by Free Jump in France. The vest can be worn on its own for training or hot days. It also integrates seamlessly into the lightweight Hermès show jacket.

Photo by Julia Dags

There is a CO2 cartridge attached to a ball in joint trigger nylon ripcord which deploys the vest when the rider is separated from the horse with a certain force. The vest is designed to protect the spinal cord and vital organs from an impact. Rodrigo’s experience so far has been positive. The vest does not infringe on your ability to ride or feel comfortable on the horse. Once you are used to it, it becomes a necessity and you feel uncomfortable showing without it!

SEL Photography

There are various models on the market now, but we are so thankful that Hermès recognized the value of this product and developed their own. Now Rodrigo can be safe and stylish!

Tryon 2020

The jacket is coming to market soon, we will keep you updated on availability. The Free Jump vest is available here.

Tryon 2020
Ashley Neuhof Tryon 2020

Also seen in this post are the Hermès KEP helmet and the new Vivace saddle. Both are examples of exceptional quality and performance ability. Thank you Hermès for your longstanding support and distinguished history with our sport.

Hermes Vivace Saddle

Hermes Eole Helmet

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