Quarantine Times

For the past seven weeks we have been living in quarantine much like the rest of the world. The enormity of the situation seemed to slowly dawn on the horse show community as cancellations and closures started flooding in. As a community that lives by a show calendar and a rhythm that has been in place for as long as anyone can remember, this disruption is truly unprecedented. Much like the rest of the world there is tremendous damage being left in the wake of these cancellations, quarantines and closures. Horses and people that no longer have jobs and are left trying to see a way through the uncertainly ahead.

We feel tremendously grateful to be able to safely care for our horses and staff right now. Like any challenging time, there are positives being born from the negative. The past nearly two months of quarantine have been spent enjoying and caring for ourselves and the horses on another level. Anyone that has worked around show jumpers knows that the level of care is always high. What isn’t always available is time. The hectic pace of a typical show day does not always allow for everything we would ideally like to do with the horses.

Rather that focusing so much energy on training and jumping, the horses have enjoyed a more varied schedule. We have found that the horses are more relaxed than ever and are throughly enjoying the time spent hacking out, spending hours out in the paddocks and variations of lunging and gymnastic exercises. We are able to take the time to work with certain horses that didn’t like doing the treadmill or trail riding, having hours to spare means that we can all be more patient.

No one knows what this year will hold as far as horse shows go. We are all waiting with baited breath for the next chapter of this saga to be told. But in the meantime, there is some beauty in the wait. More trail rides and paddock time. Try a new bit or invest some extra time in a young horse or a horse that has been challenging. With all of the elements of this that we can control, one thing we can is the way we treat ourselves and those in our bubble. Hopefully there is a way to emerge from all of this stronger and more aware of all that we are grateful for.

Thank you to our amazing clients and team both near and far that have helped our operation continue smoothly. Michel and Desiree have done an incredible job holding down the Amethyst fort and Kristen and Fran are consummate team players over at Artemis. Lisa is still in the mix daily all the way from Ireland! Stay safe everyone and keep doing what you are doing!

Photography credits @desirosec

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