Meet The Team: Alexa

Alexa Weeks Pessoa grew up in Southport, Connecticut. She attended Greens Farms Academy, Foxcroft School and then Rollins College. Growing up playing a variety of sports riding was always a top priority. Ponies were at the forefront of her childhood, riding with her sisters at the Fairfield County Hunt Club under the supervision of the great Emerson Burr. Later moving up into the junior ranks with the help of Timmy Kees, Leslie Burr Howard and then Kent Farrington.

A crucial turning point for the Weeks Family and for Alexa was the relationship with a mare named Madison. Madison originally came into the barn as a horse for Whitney and was quickly passed to Alexa and then on to Kent. Madison went on to be a wonderful competitor in the ring winning the AGA Horse of the Year title with Kent and effectively launching his senior career. After her tremendous success with Kent, Alexa took back the ride on Madison and dipped her toe in the Grand Prix classes for the first time. Madison went on to win at a Grand Prix level with Alexa and proved to be as pivotal a horse for her as she had been for Kent.

Through her travels on the circuit, Alexa met her now husband Rodrigo. Together they have continued to compete internationally while raising their daughters. Alexa has written for equestrian publications such as Horse & Style and Noelle Floyd and is now taking a more active role in their business Amethyst Equestrian.

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