The Hylofit System is a heart rate monitor for horse and rider that provides real-time feedback and post-ride insights for both athletes. With wireless hardware and an intuitive app and web platform, Hylofit provides insights into the emotional and physical state of your horse.

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24/10/2018 ; Tryon NC ; Tryon Fall 5 ; 5003, STATUS, ALEXA PESSOA ; grand prix ; Sportfot

Hylofit has designed a patented girth attachment that detects the horse’s heart rate and then uses Bluetooth to communicate date from the transmitter to a highly intuitive app on your phone. The data we have gathered has provided tremendous insight into our horses health and wellbeing.

17/10/2018 ; Tryon NC ; Tryon Fall 4 ; 5002, LITTLE ROCK, ALEXA PESSOA ; 7 year old ; Sportfot

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