Travel Comforts

What would we do without pictures and FaceTime?

Part of this job means being on the road a lot. Sometimes we are lucky enough to bring our girls with us to the shows but every so often we are by ourselves. This is a complicated dynamic for me. The idea of going to a show without the kids always seems like the most practical thing to do but in practice it is always hard for me. Though my riding usually benefits from having my full attention, I inevitably miss the kids and home terribly. Over the years I have cultivated a few habits that help me stay focused to make the most of my time away.

The perfect weekender by Away

Leaving the house is usually the hardest step of the weekend! I usually write a few notes for Sophia and hide them for her in places I know she will find them. I’ll buy a few little surprises for them to open during those tough moments that we are away, knowing I have left a few traces behind for them always makes me feel better about going.

Once I am out the door I try to make a mental shift over to a more self-centered (in a good way?) version of myself. For me this kicks off with a good podcast. I have come to depend on podcasts almost exclusively for my world news and enlightenment. Some of my favorite go to’s are:

  • The Daily, The New York Times
  • The Goop Podcast
  • How I built this with Guy Raz
  • Oprah’s SuperSoul
  • NPR

Podcasts have almost completely replaced the books that I used to have time to read. I try to get more substance from my podcasts and use books as a more of an escape because I usually only have time to read when I am alone and don’t want to stress over things I can’t really control. I reach for a fun and easy “beach read”. This also comes in handy for the inevitable hours of downtime (that I’m not used to) at the show. A book also helps segue from home to travel.

Typical spill from my bag

I always pack a big scarf (lust, must) that sort of doubles as a wrap for the flight. Something clean that smells like home to wrap around you can ease a few classic travel ruts. If I’m on a long flight I always remove all makeup when I get on and apply a light mask or rich moisture cream. Travel sizes of my trusty lineup come in handy here. I am always on the look out for samples sizes.

Once I’ve arrived my typical room set up includes a speaker from home, a candle and nice travel sized products from home. I try to pack my usual vitamins and supplements to feel as good as possible while eating and sleeping questionably on the road.

My number one tip for jet lag is absolutely yoga. A simple yoga flow in the morning wherever you are is the easiest way I have found to get myself going without much effort. I use the yoga app Glo for when I’m on the road. Also melatonin and a lavender sleep spray helps at night! I usually hit my stride around day 2 or 3 and then am dying to go home by day 4. Striving for that balance between mommy and myself…


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