Safety with Dada Sport

Just after Luciana was born I met the girls from Dada Sport at a trunk show in Wellington. I was immediately drawn to their innovative approach to the “air bag vest”. Caroline Boudier, the CEO and Artistic Director, spoke passionately about marrying the traditional lines of a showjumping jacket with the incorporated safety benefits of the Helite vest. I was curious and ready to give it a try while I got my bearings back.

The Helite vest zips in and out of the outer Dada Sport training vests or show jackets. That way they are easy to switch up and clean whenever you please! The CO2 cartridge that you see on the front is also easy to change out when it needs to be replaced.

Dada Sport Show Jacket and Training Vest
Julia Dags

Needless to say I ended up loving the extra level of security it provides and I have been a devoted user ever since! The equestrian market seems to be reacting more and more to this option and I think that is amazing! I am sure that we will see more of this technology in the future! I am thankful to have met the Dada Girls and enjoyed watching them continually be on the cutting edge of both equestrian fashion and streetwear!

All photography shot by Julia Dags

xo AP

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