March Wrap Up

As you can imagine, March did not go as we expected. The arrival of the corona virus in the United States and more specifically in Florida brought on a series of cancellations across the equestrian world. The virus has continued to cause cancellations of events well into the Spring and Summer season. We are facing what looks to be the next few months of relative quarantine.

Although it is hard to imagine that we may not be showing for the foreseeable future, we respect the swift and direct guidelines that the USEF and the FEI put into place to protect the people behind equestrian sports. The next phase of figuring this all out in relation to our sport is working to protect the people that depend directly on these events to live. There is a population of valued staff members in the equestrian community that are now facing months without a paycheck. A Showjumping Relief Fund has been organized where donations are being accepted and processed to help those in need.

Showjumping Relief Fund on GoFundMe

For now we will focus on what we can control, taking care of these amazing animals, supporting our staff and looking towards the future. As unmoored as we may feel now, there are positives that will come from this down time. We are already more appreciative of just being able to compete, the things that are taken for granted as we blaze through life at a blistering pace. We hope that this crisis abates sooner than later, with the best outcome possible. Until then we will just have to scroll through Ashley’s amazing photographs and dream…

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