January Jump Start

A health post for January, how original! I know this may sound extremely redundant on your feed but January really is a great time to make a change. I have been thinking about this for weeks, every time I justified another drink or slice of pie… One of the best parts of being down in Florida for the winter is how easy it is to get outside and feel better about yourself. The horses are rested and so are we, ready to buckle down for another busy season. Being down here and getting back to work with the horses isn’t enough to shake off that holiday donut though.

My goal is to find time for myself everyday to exercise. Even if its just taking the kids and dogs for a long walk or bike ride, I want to stay moving and feel good as we head into the next year. After different stages of my life (pregnancies, babies, injury, laziness) I never take for granted feeling good enough to work out. No matter how much I am dreading something, I always feel so much better once I have done it.

My rotation for this winter includes yoga, Pilates, Peloton, Orange Theory and walks. I love using a smart watch to track all of this, including my riding via the Hylofit app! I have never made a New Year’s Resolution so this is as close as I come. Last weekend marked the day we lost two friends in an accident far too soon, when ever I need motivation to follow through with this plan I will remember them and all the runs they won’t get to take or days they didn’t get to see. Feeling good in our bodies reverberates out through the rest of our life. Here’s to an active, happy and healthy 2020!

The outfit in these pictures is from Dada Sport, the “Quabri” Riding Leggings, “Reflet” Softshell and “Izzy” shirt are designed to take you from the barn to your workout seamlessly.

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